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Telstra offers public cloud services to about 1000+ customers in the finance, oil and enterprise categories. Among the many services offered to its customers are important services such as Internet and Disaster Recovery.


To on-board a new customer, different cloud networking teams work in “silos” for building a service. Each team spends multiple weeks to plan, design and implement their respective modules. In addition, manual configuration and lack of standardization delays the time to provision new customers.

NCX Solution:

The Anuta NCX solution works with multi-vendor physical and virtual network infrastructure and delivers dedicated virtual networks within minutes. NCX integrates with Telstra’s cloud portals using REST API and introduces self-service. Customers can order service from the Telstra portal and within minutes NCX orchestrates multiple endpoints in the Telstra Cloud Edge infrastructure.

NCX monitors the network infrastructure continuously and generates alarms in case of any service failures. Further, Anuta NCX optimizes the infrastructure by pooling the network resources. NCX also automates the decommissioning of the infrastructure and delivers resource usage reports for BSS/OSS. The solution reduces overall operating expenses while improving service and availability.

Anuta’s advanced network service orchestration solution offers capability that supports our Telstra Cloud network automation to allow customers to easily and quickly connect with our partner clouds. We worked very closely with the Anuta team to develop the user stories and workflows. It was a great team effort to deliver the entire project in two months for orchestration and integration with other components.

Craig Fulton, Head of Cloud Engineering at Telstra.

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