YANG Model

Extensible Network Services using YANG Model

Anuta Extensible Network Services (EnX) enables customers and partners to develop their own device, service and operational models to match their specific network service delivery needs. As part of the EnX framework, the DevOps teams will receive development tools including an SDK to develop extensions to Anuta models and also define their own implementations of the abstractions provided in EnX.

By leveraging EnX, customers and partners will be able to gain from the normalized device models and further customize the service chains, operational models and offer additional catalog based service models.

YANG Model (IETF RFC 6020) Support

NCX support for YANG enables DevOps teams to develop device packages with a standard data modeling language, and also allows them to write applications using the standard data modeling languages instead of relying on vendor specific ones.

YANG Model

EnX provides:

South Bound Extensibility – Includes basic device models, common network operations, notifications and others. Partners and customers can add their own device models or extend Anuta provided models to suit their needs.

North Bound Abstraction – Provides cloud and other north bound orchestration tools to utilize a normalized network service operation model for major functionalities including Firewall, ADC, IPS, VPN and others.

Partners can utilize EnX to develop customer specific network and service models to provide value added services, for faster time-to-market. Customers can utilize EnX to fine tune NCX models to match their production needs.

Available Device Models

Anuta NCX base platform includes device models for devices from various industry leading vendors. For the latest list, checkout Supported Devices.