Telemetry & Analytics with ATOM

ATOM Analytics

A complete powerful end-to-end insight of your network.

Use ATOM Analytics to monitor Branch, Campus, Datacenter, SP Core or anywhere else. View granular graphs and historic patterns

Monitor everything from a single pane of glass

ATOM supports thousands of devices across 45+ vendors. ATOM collects device data through Telemetry, SNMP, SNMP Trap and Syslog in the order of microseconds. This data from these various sources is normalized into a common yang format, stored in a time series database and presented in a single unified view.

Use insights to design a smart self-healing network

ATOM analytics integrates closely with the closed-loop automation feature. Use the voluminous data stored in the time series database to define configuration and compliance rules, and remediation action to be taken on violations. ATOM’s correlation engine will continuously monitor and compare collected data with the baseline data. On any deviation, ATOM can raise alarms on the dashboard, notify on slack, email and other utilities or create tickets on ticketing solutions like service now. ATOM can also automatically enforce remediation procedures.

Closed loop automation - 3
ATOM Integration - 2

Integrate with existing visualization tools

Analytics and visualization tool, Grafana, is packaged with ATOM. However, ATOM also allows you to leverage your existing visualization tools and reduce your learning curve. Integrate with ATOM’s time series database, generate simple queries to retrieve interesting metrics and push it to a tool of your choice.

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