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Anuta ATOM uses IETF YANG to deliver model-driven automation, analytics and assurance for multi-vendor infrastructure.

Model-Driven Automation

Anuta ATOM discovers the infrastructure using the management network. Using CDP or LLDP, Anuta ATOM builds the topology and understands the capacity in the network.

Anuta ATOM collects structured (API or NETCONF) and unstructured (CLI) configuration from all the devices and builds a dependency map across multiple devices. For example, when you provision an application in a data center, all the configurations on Firewalls, Routers, Load-balancers and Web Proxy are interrelated. Anuta ATOM builds a data model tree based on those configurations. All these configurations are normalized and stored as JSON objects.

DevOps teams can manipulate the JSON objects using Java or Python. Anuta ATOM automatically generates the commands or APIs and deploys them to the underlying infrastructure as an atomic transaction.

YANG Model-Drive Automation, Analytics, Assurance

Model-Driven Analytics

Anuta ATOM collects operational data using SNMP, Streaming Telemetry and Model-driven Telemetry so that network architects can specify the exact metrics to be streamed from the device. Anuta ATOM normalizes this telemetry data and builds a dependency map to store in a time series database. Thus, Anuta ATOM becomes the single source of truth for configuration and operational data across multiple domains. Administrators and external applications can query the data, generate reports, perform compliance checks or schedule a periodic inventory of the infrastructure.

Model-Driven Assurance

Anuta ATOM compares the current KPI metrics with the baseline behavior. Based on the deviations, Anuta ATOM can automate the remediation steps using closed-loop automation.