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Hierarchical Multi-Tenancy

As networks expand and diversify, the challenges of managing multiple tenants, each with distinct requirements, are increasingly getting complex and is a crucial aspect of any robust system. Hierarchical Multi-Tenancy addresses these challenges head-on by providing a scalable and secure way to manage multi-tenant environments.

Hierarchical Multi-Tenancy with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a feature that addresses the need for secure, scalable, and organized data management. It ensures that each tenant’s data is isolated, maintaining confidentiality and integrity while providing a flexible structure for seamless collaboration within and across tenants. It is essential for service providers, enterprises, and organizations seeking to simplify network operations while maintaining tenant isolation and security.

Benefits of the Feature

Streamlined Tenant Management

Effortless onboarding, configuration, and monitoring of multiple tenants under a unified network infrastructure.

Resource Efficiency

Optimize resource allocation based on unique tenant requirements, avoiding wastage and ensuring optimal network performance.

Enhanced Security

Hierarchical Multi-Tenancy ensures strict tenant isolation, preventing unauthorized access and interference with network configurations.

Customized Tenant Experiences

Tailor network configurations to each tenant’s specific needs, providing a differentiated and customized network experience.


Seamlessly scale your network to accommodate a growing number of tenants without compromising performance.

Simplified Compliance

Meet industry regulations effortlessly with a framework that ensures compliance across all tenants.

What is Unique to ATOM Feature

Tenant Hierarchy

Create multiple layers of tenancy within your network, offering granular control over tenant management. This hierarchical approach sets ATOM apart from standard multi-tenancy solutions.

Role-Based Access Control

Implement role-based access controls for administrators, allowing you to delegate management responsibilities within each tenant.

Real-time Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into the performance and utilization of each tenant’s network, facilitating proactive management.

Intuitive Dashboard

Anuta ATOM’s user-friendly dashboard simplifies tenant management, even in complex multi-tenant environments.

Tenant Security and Support

Ensure security through temporary tenant creation and benefit from comprehensive Anuta Tech Support for a smooth onboarding experience.

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