DevOps for Network Operations

Anuta ATOM applies the principles of DevOps for Network Operations. Network architects can define the workflow. For example, when a new user joins the company, what are the steps needed to configure their IP phone, how do you provision Wireless access policies, segmentation/VLANs on the switch, the QoS policies, Access Control and Acceptable Use policies, etc.

The Anuta ATOM platform can be customized by adding business logic in python or javascript. The services are then exposed to a self-service catalog and integrated with ticketing systems such as Service Now and VMware vRealize Automation suite.

DevOps For Network Operations

Anuta ATOM manages the lifecycle of virtual appliances such as Virtual Routers, Virtual Firewalls, Virtual WanOp etc. See Managed Devices for the complete list of supported vendors and devices.

Apart from provisioning, Anuta ATOM collects telemetry data (based on polling SNMP data and streaming telemetry). Anuta ATOM uses the config and operational data to understand the baseline behavior. The platform then predicts problems before they happen and using closed-loop assurance automates remediation steps to match the SLAs.

Customization with Anuta ATOM

The Anuta ATOM platform is highly customizable. Customers and partners can extend the device adapters (NEDs), service models, telemetry collection as well as Domain Specific Language (DSL) to define baseline behaviors and remediation steps. Anuta also publishes SDKs, playbooks on Gitlab to speed up the development and validation efforts.