Configuration and
Change Management

Every industry is propelled by technology, and sometimes the technology itself is the product. Either way, it has networking at its foundation. The configuration of these systems is critical to the organization’s success. It needs to be managed carefully and needs to be tracked for changes to ensure traceability during any network outages. Having the golden configurations recorded and having formal configuration management and change control processes will help NetOps to remain effective.

Configuration drift and unauthorized configuration changes account for nearly 80% of all IT service outages.

- Gartner Research

Benefits of ATOM's Configuration & Change management

Agentless Solution

ATOM does not need any agents or specific configurations to work. It operates on the management plane of devices via SSH, telnet, API, NETCONF, and may more.

Efficient change management

ATOM offers efficient change management. It allows you to know the baseline configuration and gives visibility to design changes that avoid problems. It enables strict control of your processes and improves NetOps productivity.

Reduce outages

ATOM reduces the risk of outages and security breaches through visibility and tracking of the changes to your network. ATOM offers the ability to recover quickly as your configuration is documented and automated.

Eliminate manual efforts

In case of an outage, ATOM helps you to able to restore and recover as the configuration is documented and automated quickly. It enables a higher quality of service

What's unique to ATOM’s Configuration & Change management?

Never lose a configuration

ATOM offers automated configuration management. Schedule the pull or automatically trigger the pull upon a change. ATOM acts as a configuration archival platform offering config versioning and setting a baseline configuration for the network.

Validate Changes, Prevent Downtime

With manual operations, configuration drift is always around the corner. Use ATOM to compare latest configurations against golden configurations or even among devices to make the right decisions to prevent downtimes

Provision multi-vendor devices simultaneously

Take the benefits of an integrated product like ATOM. Provision multi-vendor devices through workflows, service modeling, templates or parametrized configuration file generation to realize complex use cases

Automate your RMA

Are you planning for a network refresh or configuration restoration? Use ATOM’s workflow automation to apply the golden configuration or an accurate configuration version to restore and onboard the device into ATOM’s inventory.

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Configuration and Change Management