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ATOM – Cisco NSO Integration

Navigating the complexities of today’s networks requires a comprehensive approach, and Cisco NSO emerges as a beacon of excellence in this pursuit. Offering a model-driven, hybrid network orchestration platform, NSO stands out for its ability to seamlessly support multi-vendor networks through an extensive array of network element drivers (NEDs).

What sets Anuta ATOM apart is its low-code and no-code automation environment, providing a user-friendly platform for creating tailored use cases. As a vital complement to Cisco’s network service orchestrator, ATOM plays a crucial role in the entire service management life cycle, leveraging its unique capabilities through the utilization of low-code and no-code workflows.

Together, Cisco NSO and Anuta ATOM form a powerful alliance promising not just efficiency but a truly transformative experience in managing and orchestrating network services.

Anuta ATOM Cisco NSO integration

What are the top 6 benefits of Cisco NSO and Anuta ATOM Integration

Efficient Automation

Streamline your network operations with the model-driven, hybrid network orchestration platform of Cisco NSO.

Versatile Automation Controller

Anuta ATOM brings configuration management and monitoring capabilities, utilizing low-code and no-code automation for creating customized use cases.

Symbiotic Relationship

The integration extends beyond a mere connection; it’s a symbiotic relationship enhancing the entire service management life cycle.

Seamless Workflows

ATOM offers a user-friendly workflow development environment, simplifying the creation and validation of custom use cases through Cisco NSO integration.

Real-time Monitoring

Enjoy continuous monitoring of NSO instances, devices, health status, and alarms within ATOM for a comprehensive network management experience.

RBAC Enhancements

ATOM streamlines NSO login with role-based access control, enhancing security and administration capabilities.

What Makes ATOM's Implementation Unique?

Ease of Development with ATOM-NSO Workflows

ATOM simplifies the development of workflows through a user-friendly interface, allowing for the seamless creation and verification of device configurations. The AI-powered ATOM workflow assistant facilitates low-code development for specific use cases.

ATOM and NSO DB Sync

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of NSO YANG schema by utilizing REST API interactions. Monitor change notifications to ensure configurations are seamlessly updated in real-time.

NSO Device Management

Streamline the onboarding of devices to NSO through northbound transactions within ATOM. This process includes user-friendly authentication and the creation of SNMP groups directly from the ATOM platform.

NSO Health Status Monitoring

Ensure continuous monitoring of NSO instances within ATOM, checking for connectivity, performance, and overall health status in real time.


Track the real-time status of NSO service provisioning tasks within ATOM. This feature provides valuable insights into completed, pending, and ongoing activities.

NSO Commit Queue Tracking

Utilize a dedicated dashboard in ATOM to gain an overview of integration tasks. Monitor task status, health metrics, deployed devices, and receive alerts related to network services.

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