Branch Network Automation

More and more users are bringing personal devices and expect a quality service while many of those services are moving to the cloud.

Hence, IT has the arduous task of enabling application access while ensuring application policy within a shrinking operating budget. The integrated services router and virtual CPE emerged to solve these challenges. However, they introduce new management complexity.

Anuta Networks’ NCX automates large scale branch deployments with various WAN technologies and a combination of physical and virtual devices to realize the future‐ready, secure, optimized, plug‐and‐play enterprise branch.

NCX simplifies branch deployments using orchestration and service chaining of branch network functions such as routing, perimeter security, WanOp, connectivity options such as DMVPN, MPLS VPN etc. using physical equipment as well as virtual device VNFs from multiple vendors such as Cisco, Riverbed etc.  For the complete list see, Supported Devices.

Using NCX, the administrator can dynamically scale‐up and scale‐down the network based on application/user demand and other business drivers. NCX discovers the existing L2‐L7 devices and builds a topology of available devices. NCX also computes feasibility and availability of a defined service and helps with resource planning and expansion. After the service is deployed, NCX provides a self‐service portal so that the branch owners can manage their infrastructure.  NCX also has a distributed architecture that scales to hundreds of branches using a Server Agent model.

In addition, using NCX, administrators can deploy an all‐virtual Branch‐in‐a Box solution on an x86 based commercially available server.

Solution Benefits:

Multivendor Support: NCX automates the configuration of network devices from multiple vendors giving the administrator full flexibility in service design and orchestration.

Modular and Scalable Branch Design: Using the Branch‐in‐a‐Box design, enterprises can rollout branches with different service requirements on an x86 based compute blade greatly reducing rack, power, space requirements and the time to rollout a new branch.

Distributed Architecture for Geographically Diverse Enterprises: NCX’s distributed architecture allows enterprises to offload the management of infrastructure to a regional NCX Agent while the service orchestration can be managed by the central NCX server.

Self‐Service Catalog: Using NCX, several different branch topologies can be predesigned and published to a catalog. And, at the time of branch deployment, the branch administrators can choose the service that aligns to their branch requirements.