SDN & NFV Summit 2014, Nice, France

Bonjour! That is what we were saying at the SDN & NFV 2014 Summit which took place in the beautiful city of Nice, France. There were more than 250 attendees, 60 speakers and 50 exhibitors that attended this year. This marked the third year of Europe’s focal congress for the telecoms SDN & NFV community.

Anuta Networks was excited to join International telecommunication service providers and key industry vendors to present our latest work and successful use-cases pertaining to the future of Software-Defined Networking & Network Functions Virtualization. The summit included high level speakers from Google, Facebook and BT. Visitors also got the chance to experience a new feature called “Guided Expo Visits” which gave them an opportunity to witness live product demo’s and updates from the industry’s leading vendors.

Puravi Rajan Chetti, Senior Solution Architect of Anuta Networks presented our top PoC uses cases – vCPE business, consumer, vPE, vRR, vFW, vLB. Many SPs visited our booth and watched the NCX NFV MANO orchestration demo. Infonetics research presented Top 5 NFV use cases for deployments in 2015. They highlighted the top use case as vCPE business.

Service Providers understand that NFV will help them reduce costs and accelerate time to delivery. However, managing virtualized network functions will introduce new challenges in OSS and Orchestration will be the key enabler for NFV success.

The event, which was located on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, was a success! It was a great opportunity to meet with like minded industry experts, and the event offered a chance to assess the SDN market and hear what our customers are looking for when it comes to NFV.

We also really enjoyed the new exclusive PoC sessions & case studies that gave the attendees the latest and greatest developments and success stories, as SDN & NFV begin moving from the lab, to the field. There is no doubt that SDN & NFV is on the rise and we are always happy when we can be at an event like SDN & NFV 2014 to support the marketplace.

Bye, I mean “au revoir”…

– Kate Garrison, Oct 23rd, 2014.

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