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MILPITAS, CA – January 17th, 2023– Anuta Networks, a leading network automation and orchestration software provider, has unveiled its new Active Service Assurance (ASA) capability. ASA is designed to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met from day one by using active traffic insertion and monitoring. The ASA test agents, which can be deployed as VMs, Docker containers, or bare metal servers, generate L2-L7 traffic and help identify, assure, and remediate network performance issues. This solution accelerates service delivery, reduces mean time to repair, and improves customer experience with end-to-end high-quality, actionable insights.

Communication service providers and large enterprises alike face challenges in diagnosing issues across end-to-end networks due to siloed monitoring tools at a different network, domain, and application boundaries, leading to limited visibility and blind spots. Anuta Networks ATOM addresses this problem by marrying its powerful model-driven service orchestration with Active Service Assurance, resulting in complete visibility of network service issues and automatic remediation before they become problems for end-users.

“We are excited to add support for Active Service Assurance to meet global demand for automation solutions fueled by 5G’s momentum in both public and private network scenarios,” said Chandu Guntakala, Co-Founder & CEO of Anuta Networks. “ATOM solves operational challenges with scalable, flexible integration and always-on assurance across the multi-domain network.”

ASA can be deployed as a built-in module within ATOM, similar to its existing microservices such as Workflows, CLA, Alerting, and Orchestration. ASA can also rapidly scale to support customers’ testing requirements with pre-built test probes tied to industry-leading BPMN 2.0-based low-code workflows. It enables network operators to run multi-step, multi-protocol tests and fine-tune services continuously without downtime.

Key capabilities of ATOM Active Service Assurance include:

  • Simplified test agent deployment with lightweight appliances on Docker containers and VMs
  • Automated test agent lifecycle management, including scaling, health monitoring, and troubleshooting for dramatically reduced maintenance time
  • Unified platform for L2-L7 tests, including HTTP, Speed, Ping, DNS, TCP, UDP, QoS, and more
  • Library of test suites with the option to customize based on need
  • Pre-built templates for rapid test suite execution, either on-demand or scheduled
  • Real-time monitoring with views of KPIs, test suites, information of sites, and test agents
  • Trigger actions and closed-loop remediation based on a schedule or as per pre-defined rules and policies to rectify faults and fine-tune service performance
  • Integration with Service Orchestration, Workflow, Compliance, Alerting, and CLA modules in ATOM for an end-to-end automation solution

A recent report by GigaOm, an industry-leading research and analyst firm, recognized Anuta Networks as an ‘Outperformer’ for Network Validation and NetDevOps, reaffirming Anuta’s forward-looking, industry-leading approach. 

Mr. Guntakala added, ‘ATOM also includes the capability to evaluate existing data and crowd-sourced analytics to automate policy generation for network performance, availability, and SLA conformance using AI/ML.’ By adding Active Service Assurance, Anuta Networks aims to provide an end-to-end solution that connects a self-service end-user to an assured network enabling customers to achieve their digital transformation goals quickly and reliably.

Anuta Networks will showcase the Active Service Assurance solution at the Networking Field Day 30 Livestream on Jan 18th, 8 am PST. 

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Anuta Networks is a leading provider of web-scale, on-premises and cloud network orchestration and assurance software for the enterprise branch, campus, data center, and service provider-managed, multi-vendor networks.

The Anuta ATOM orchestration and assurance platform enables customers to automate and accelerate network services. Anuta ATOM offers complete lifecycle service orchestration and telemetry for physical, virtual, and hybrid networks, thus allowing customers to leverage investments in existing network infrastructure and transition them seamlessly to intent-based software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) environments.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Anuta Networks is a Gartner Cool Vendor and Best of VMworld award winner three times.

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