Network Plug and Play

Network Plug and Play Overview:

Network Plug and Play (PnP) provides a simple, secure and flexible solution to bring up network equipment in local or remote environments.

Networking teams incur a significant cost to install large greenfield deployments. In a traditional approach the network is first designed, and then each device is staged before connecting to the network. This process is time-consuming and error-prone.

Network Plug and Play simplifies the entire process of onboarding new devices with a zero-touch deployment experience. The on-site non-technical staff adds new devices to the network without having to provide seed configuration, while the network administrator centrally manages the device software & configuration policy.

Anuta ATOM Network Plug and Play Solution Delivers:

  • Consistent and hassle-free deployment for a variety of network infrastructures such as switches, routers, and wireless devices
  • Flexibility to customize the Network Plug and Play process using workflows
  • Orchestration for procurement tools and IPAM systems to collect new device details such as Serial Numbers and IP addresses
  • Customized configuration files for each device automatically using data modeling
  • Simplified RMA process for existing devices
  • Secured communication between the PnP agent and server using SSL certificates
  • Intuitive dashboards that report PnP status
  • Post validate configuration compliance and managed device onboarding
  • Auto-scalable microservices to provision huge greenfield deployments
Anuta ATOM Network Plug and Play

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