Network Monitoring Use Cases

ATOM offers charts and templates that provides in-depth view of device health that includes CPU, memory, disk utilization, temperature etc. The same can be viewed as a trend to get more insights on the behavior 

Interface statistics such as link utilization, interface drops, error rate and latency are captured in various templates offered by ATOM. The charts are available at various time ranges and also supports historical data. ATOM also supports multiple interfaces to be compared in the same chart. Variables of your choice can be exposed globally or locally, that can be changed on-demand to visualize the variations in the charts

Get the one shot view of what’s the best and worst performing devices on any of the device health parameters or the topN highly utilized interfaces or any other parameters using ATOM’s out-of-box templates

ATOM offers visualization of metrics for the services created using ATOM’s service orchestration. Some of the examples include L2VPN, L3VPN etc 

Monitor routing metrics such as BGP & OSPF peer states, BGP peer inbound & outbound update rate, OSPF neighbor events & restarts and much more using ATOM’s advanced charting capabilities 

Want to go back in time and view the facts about your network? ATOM supports the visualization of historical data. The data can also be viewed in a tabular format and any chart can be downloaded as a PDF/XLS/CSV/SVG etc.