NetScaler Automation

Anuta NCX delivers network virtualization through L2-L7 service chain for existing multi-vendor infrastructure. Anuta has partnered with Citrix to deliver agile network services for cloud and data center networks. Anuta NCX orchestrates data center networks by introducing Citrix NetScaler into the data path and configuring application policies. Administrators can create multiple service catalogs utilizing NetScaler configuration options and publish them to selfservice portals. When application owner orders a service, NCX orchestrates the end-to-end multi-layer network including Citrix NetScaler ADC.

Solution Benefits

Business Agility: NCX automates the configuration of network services across L2-L7 for multi-vendor devices. The solution delivers virtual networks within minutes. Coupled with Server virtualization, NCX brings new services and applications to the market rapidly.

Reduced CapEx & OPEX:NCX automates the provisioning and de provisioning of network resources. This results in better utilization and reduces overall CapEx. In addition, NCX self-service delivery mechanism avoids legacy handoffs between server and network administrators resulting in lower overall OPEX.

Self-Service: Through integration with Cloud Portals, application owners can manage the load-balancer or firewall themselves. This greatly enhances customer satisfaction while reducing delays.

Investment Protection: Customers can continue to use their existing investment in Citrix NetScaler and use Anuta NCX for orchestration.

Thus, they can achieve agility while leveraging existing infrastructure.

For more details, read the Solution Brief and checkout the demo video below.