Multicloud Network Management

Enterprises and Service Providers plan to be multicloud ready to minimize business risk. Hence, the automation solution must be able to support multicloud network management.

Multicloud Ready

The Anuta ATOM platform is composed of many microservices or docker containers that provide functionality such as discovering the devices, building the topology, collecting the telemetry data, creating a service chain across multiple vendor devices as well as delivering analytics and visualization of the network infrastructure. Anuta ATOM uses kubernettes to manage the various docker containers, so these can be deployed on-prem, or these can be deployed in public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

microservices in anuta atom for multicloud network management

Multicloud Migration

As Enterprises shift from on-prem deployments to multicloud, Anuta ATOM eases the migration by building secure VPN tunnels on-demand.

Multicloud Management

From the single ATOM GUI, operators can manage the on-prem as well as multicloud networks including IPAM, Security Policy, Standard templates, and complex workflows that span hybrid networks.

Multicloud VNF Lifecycle

In addition, Anuta ATOM offers lifecycle management for various virtual appliances (VNFs) whether they are hosted in hypervisors or deployed as docker containers in the hybrid cloud networks.

Anuta ATOM Datasheet