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Multi-Vendor Firewall Automation using Security Policy Orchestration

Welcome to Anuta NCX Orchestration Solution. Did you know that Anuta NCX helps you achieve your goal of managing security policies? Anuta NCX helps customers apply business security policies at strategic points of control across the entire IT infrastructure and integrates it into the public cloud.

What Anuta NCX is all about?

Anuta NCX is a proven industry-leading solution designed for large enterprises looking to deploy cloud services. NCX virtualizes existing multi-vendor network infrastructure and integrates with a variety of cloud portals such as OpenStack, vRealize, Science Logic, Service Now and other self-service portals. NCX allows customers to provision network service from a dynamic self-service portal.

How Anuta NCX solves the challenges faced by infrastructure security team?

Traditionally, Infrastructure IT network and security teams work in silos which resulted in a disjointed process to deliver end-to-end network services. Their firewall rule management was inefficient and prone to many errors due to many irrelevant tools. Often, the teams have to handle high volume of change requests that result in gigantic firewall rules, application identity mapping and router ACLs.

Anuta NCX offers a simple and elegant solution for firewall management. Anuta NCX provides basic discovery, configuration management and monitoring capabilities that support multi- vendor firewalls. NCX also provides faster and accurate automation to manage firewall rules that meets today’s massive application demands and stringent security requirements.

The key features of Anuta NCX

Here’s a feature list of NCX solution:

  • Topology discovery
  • Discovery of security zones, Virtual Routers and application-identity pairs.
  • Full CRUD capability using self-service portals
  • Audit log and compliance reports

How Anuta NCX will benefit your business security policy?

  • NCX ensures simplified firewall rule management that reduces operational overhead
  • NCX provides service-level view including firewall, LB, routing, switching, LAN/WAN configuration
  • End-to-end service chaining ensures application reachability
  • Capacity planning and performance management


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