Large MPLS Service Provider

A major service provider in Europe offers MPLS VPN and internet connectivity to enterprise customers by provisioning hundreds of circuits daily spread across multiple geographies with stringent service SLAs.


The service provider experienced challenges in scaling the network to deploy and configure additional devices in their backbone. Even though they used both in-house and third-party monitoring and configuration tools, they still needed manual intervention to validate the changes. And, they required several months of planning, implementation, and testing to bring up a new PoP (point of presence) or offer additional services. They couldn’t find tools as well as support personnel for their multi-vendor environment and hence experienced many troubleshooting challenges.

Consequently, their huge operational overhead during new service rollout and customer circuit provisioning drastically reduced profit margin.

Anuta ATOM Solution:

Anuta ATOM enabled the service provider to create an end-to-end service chain including the complete orchestration of MPLS backbone using a combination of physical and virtual network devices. The solution automated the provisioning of PE-P, P-P and PE-CE links including full routing and interface configurations and supported different VPN topologies.

The network team defined custom templates based on customer preferences of IGP, high availability and managed/unmanaged CEs. They now have a team of Anuta ATOM specialists delivering services using their multi-vendor environment.

In addition, Anuta ATOM’s support for virtual appliance lifecycle management helped the SP create and validate an all virtual point of presence with virtual PE and virtual RR. They intend to roll out the virtual PoP to newer, low-cost locations shortly with a significant upside potential.