It’s time to celebrate Networking

It’s time to celebrate Networking

Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

For a long time, Networking has been struggling. Luckily, the network practitioners have become superheroes. They know all the technologies, they keep up with all the changes and meet impossible business demands. But they are sacrificing personal time and correctness to keep up with urgency.

It’s time to change networking. It’s time to build the Network that you deserve: A Smart Network that learns, predicts, automates, scales and adapts to business demands.

I am delighted to introduce Anuta’s ATOM (Assurance, Telemetry and Orchestration for Multi-Vendor Networks) platform that will empower the smart networks of tomorrow.

Multi-Vendor Support: The future networks will be 100% multi-vendor. Anuta ATOM has the most comprehensive vendor support in the industry. There is no need to be locked into a vendor’s architecture or roadmap and put your business at risk. Anuta ATOM orchestrates brownfield and greenfield deployments of Physical, Virtual, SDN and NFV infrastructure across multiple network domains. The Smart Network is pervasive, and so is the Anuta ATOM platform.

Closed-Loop Assurance: Using latest technology in streaming telemetry collection, Anuta ATOM collects real-time data from multi-vendor infrastructure. It applies machine learning algorithms to develop deep insights and predicts problems before they occur. Anuta ATOM simplifies troubleshooting by providing the context of the entire network.

Microservices Architecture: Anuta ATOM takes advantage of innovations in container technology to deliver infinite capacity. Anuta ATOM is composed of many microservices that can be scaled-up or scaled-down in public and private clouds. The Microservices architecture reduces overall system footprint and enables migration in a multi-cloud world.

Extensible: Anuta ATOM uses extensible data models and follows open standards such as IETF YANG and OpenConfig models.The entire platform functionality is available via the REST API for integration with OSS/BSS and ticketing systems. Anuta ATOM has an SDK that simplifies overall development effort, introduces version control to treat the infrastructure as code and supports ongoing DevOps movement.

Powerful interface to capture Intent:Anuta ATOM includes a simple yet powerful interface to describe business intent along with key performance indicators and corrective actions. Soon, we will be able to deliver “Siri” like experience for Networking.

The Smart Network powered by Anuta ATOM delivers the next level of consciousness that we need to prepare for the challenges ahead as we embrace IOT, 5G, and Multi-Cloud.

I invite you to check out more resources (DatasheetProduct Overview) and I would love to meet with you at MWC. And, don’t forget to register for our webinar on 21st March.
Together, Let’s celebrate Networking.

2-minute ATOM Intro Video

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