Industry-First Multi-Vendor NFVI Service Orchestration from Anuta Networks

In the world of web-based services at the enterprise level, demand for reliable, complex, and innovative cloud-based computing is skyrocketing. With the Enterprise Applications market estimated to increase in value at an unprecedented rate, staying ahead of the curve is now more important than ever.

Anuta Networks provides a proof of concept for this trend, and makes a business case for enterprise customers who are seeking cost effective and scalable solutions through their collaboration with a fully-fledged telecommunications company. This company is a Tier-1 APAC Operator, and they sought comprehensive solutions to enhance the delivery of managed network services for enterprise customers.

Challenges to Achieving Best-in-Class Performance

The telecommunications operator had a set of specific challenge criteria to achieve best-in-class performance

  • Solutions must be vendor agnostic, technology agnostic, and based on extensive zero touch provisioning.
  • As with any enterprise-level service, solutions must be highly scalable, comprehensive, and support rapid expansion in a cost effective manner.
  • Solutions must be self-service based, support a complete service catalog, and be able to support service tiering.

The operator invited vendors to participate in proof of concept activities to validate solutions. Anuta Networks, in collaboration with other leading IT solutions providers, led the initiative to break new ground with solutions-forward innovation.

Anuta Pioneers Comprehensive Solutions with Anuta NCX

The outcome of the collaborative proof of concept was the first end-to-end managed network service delivery that relied on the IETF YANG modeling framework.

This NFV Orchestrator and VNF Lifecycle Manager met and exceeded the operator’s specs and expectations by providing cutting-edge and cost effective solutions.

  • Unprecedented solution development timeline—Anuta NCX was developed in less than two weeks
  • Flexible application to support service providers with stringent SLAs enabling support for both large enterprises and SMEs from different sectors and with complex and diverse needs
  • Multi-vendor interoperability, technology agnostic, and highly scalable through unique architecture

The Anuta NCX solution meets or exceeds compliance regulations, securely supports a robust multi-tenancy environment, and provides enviable cost effectiveness.

Anuta NCX is the First of its Kind

The sophisticated aspects of NCX differentiate it from other services. The NCX service management system provides carrier-grade NFV orchestration and delivers dynamic and intelligently provisioned computing, storage, and network resources for the delivery of next-generation cloud services.

Anuta NCX:

  • Supports the largest range of vendor devices
  • Is YANG model driven, extensible and scalable
  • Supports Integrated Service Fulfillment testing
  • Relies on KPI driven Service Assurance and has comprehensive Resource Management capabilities

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