HP Discover 2013

This year HP Discover was held at the Palazzo convention center in Las Vegas. The theme of the event was “Converged Infrastructure and SDN”.

We met numerous enterprise data center administrators and cloud service providers. Many of them were cautiously optimistic about SDN and its benefits.

It is clear that they want to:
• Bring speed and flexibility to their network operations
• Make better use of their existing infrastructure by leveraging multi-tenancy
• Reduce operating expenses through self-service portals such as OpenStack
• Ensure secure separation of tenants and applications for compliance

At the same time, they don’t want to:
• Lose control and visibility of the network infrastructure
• Be forced to Fork-lift upgrade their infrastructure
• Introduce risk to the infrastructure through untested platforms and protocols.

Anuta Networks nCloudX delivers the benefits of SDN for multi-vendor data center networks using existing network virtualization technologies. The nCloudX SDN connector integrates with other industry-leading SDN controllers. This approach avoids fork-lift upgrades while providing a migration path to the newer technologies.

At this event, we demonstrated nCloudX orchestration for HP’s switching portfolio.

We also featured the nCloudX 90-second animation video. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link:

Overall, it was a good experience as we got to talk to many HP customers. HP also announced OpenFlow support for many of their switches and prominently featured their moonshot  micro server.

This is an exciting time for the networking community. We are looking forward to many more innovations in the near future.

– Kiran Sirupa, July 18th, 2013.

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