How Network Orchestration Solutions help you Shape up your Business?

Anuta Networks is a leading provider of multi-vendor network orchestration for branch, campus, data center and service provider-managed enterprise networks. Anuta Networks orchestration platform (NCX) enables customers to automate and accelerate network services. Anuta NCX delivers automation for Multi-vendor L2-L7 physical and virtual networks using YANG models.Network Orchestration Case Study: Tata Communications

Tata Communications (TCL) is a leading global Tier-1 SP, offering IZO SD-WAN for managed branch customers across 130 countries in 700 cities. TCL team evaluated multiple network service orchestration solutions including Cisco NSO, Glue Networks and Anuta NCX for their multi-vendor infrastructure consisting of Cisco, Riverbed, Versa and Juniper. They chose Anuta NCX because of its flexibility, multi-vendor coverage, scalability, development toolkit as well as customer service. Using Anuta NCX, TCL reduced CPE provisioning time from 60 minutes to 5 minutes.

Listen to Peter Juffernholz, AVP of Virtual Network Services, talking about his experience of introducing DevOps into his organization and the challenges he faced which included organization alignment, training of current staff and developing service models.

Network Orchestration Case Study: F5 Networks

Do you remember when you started your car today? Did you think if the ignition was working or whether the fuel pump was sending gas to the engine or were the pistons cranking, etc? No, you didn’t. Then, why the networking teams are dealing with thousands of operations, across hundreds of vendors in a manual fashion, to support business intent?

Mike Lechner, from F5 network, faced a similar challenge when he had to scale their Silverline DDoS private cloud deployment. Mike evaluated multiple network orchestration solutions including Anuta NCX, NSO (from a big-name vendor), Ansible and Puppet to solve this problem. Listen to Mike as he shares his journey of getting acquainted with network orchestration.

Blog: Technica Validates Anuta NCX for L2 VPN Orchestration

Technica Corp is impressed with Anuta NCX Network Service Orchestration across multiple vendors at scale using YANG based extensible platform approach.

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