Fortune Global 500 Financial Institution

A major financial institution and one of the largest banks in Europe outsourced its private cloud operations to a vendor while paying a high premium for its services.


The bank’s IT department outsourced the routine firewall and load balancer policy changes (VIP creation, real server addition, deletion and so on). Application owners (departments) raise a policy change request from their self-service portal. These requests are collated by the vendor weekly and are then submitted for IT administrator approval. After the approval, the vendor pushes the policy changes to the devices by generating scripts. This inefficiency results in a lengthy onboarding process spanning 4 to 6 weeks for each new service.
“I want to adopt newer technologies or lower cost vendors to effectively maximize operating margins” – COO, private cloud organization

“I have a risk in my business, where human errors on the production network could cause outages” – VP, network operation

Anuta ATOM Solution:

In a typical work week, the vendor requires 32 man hours to carry out the administrative activities. Anuta ATOM automates the service provisioning and saves approximately 1650 hours or 125K Euros for the IT department annually.

Further, Anuta ATOM alleviates the errors caused due to manual intervention while changing the service nodes’ policies. Anuta ATOM orchestrates services with the changes deployed within minutes using industry best practices. In addition, Anuta ATOM measures the capacity utilization of the pod using various parameters thereby ensuring 100% utilization of the resources, further reducing the OPEX and CAPEX. Anuta ATOM solution empowers private cloud providers to leverage multi-vendor best of breed infrastructure by supporting end-to-end service chaining.

Overall, Anuta ATOM aided the customer with service orchestration, reporting, service monitoring, approval workflows, and device management of their resources.