Datacenters and ATOM – Time for Intelligence, Agility and Edge

A walk through some datacenter use-cases with ATOM Platform reveals the ultimate impact of network augmentation when IT does not forget to amplify datacenters along

In a world of sturdy, open, and affordable hardware; complemented well with the skill and flexibility offered by cloud and applications, CIOs have a lot less to worry about than what they fretted upon before.

One cannot forget the potential and efficiencies that lurk in the corners of datacentre management, network administration, and intelligence. Equipped with the right strategy, enterprises can convert their networks and datacentres into powerhouses of speed and competitive edge. When a CIO embraces a new application or network-upgrade or cloud-native platform or Kubernetes investment, it becomes useful to help datacentres keep up with the new paradigm of pace and agility.

Maintaining and enhancing a large multi-vendor datacenter is, often, an unwieldy and critical part of any IT strategy. More so, as an organization embraces numerous application-deployments every year.

Consider the role that ATOM platform can play here. It has been helping network architects and network engineers to manage datacenter network resources efficiently and reduce OPEX by effectively monitoring and automating resources. The beauty is that it does all that as it simultaneously, and confidently, eliminates any human errors that pop along the way.

ATOM helps IT bring all elements in perfect alignment. Check out these three effective ways where ATOM Platform has demonstrated its value:

1. Time Reduction for Application Delivery