Using the Anuta NCX network orchestrator, we have been able to turn around a greenfield 148 site deployment project with zero errors in less than 18 hours. Before NCX, such project would take 112 engineering hours excluding audits and rework.

Peter Juffernholz, AVP of Virtualized Network Services, Tata Communications.

Anuta’s YANG model-based NCX platform allows applications to describe intent to the network without worrying about underlying physical infrastructure. NCX enabled our DevOps teams to focus on the service workflow instead of learning complex CLIs.

Mike Lechner, Manager, Product Development for Silverline, F5 Networks.

Anuta’s advanced network service orchestration solution offers capability that supports our Telstra Cloud network automation to allow customers to easily and quickly connect with our partner clouds. We worked very closely with the Anuta team to develop the user stories and workflows. It was a great team effort to deliver the entire project in two months for orchestration and integration with other components.

Craig Fulton, Head of Cloud Engineering , Telstra.

In my decade of experience doing core networking, one of the most common challenges Network Architects and Operations team have to face is designing, deploying and enabling new capabilities for remote site LANs, WAN and Data Center all while maintaining a consistent provisioning and monitoring solution of Network Services spanning all of these sites. I am pleased to see that Anuta Networks is enabling its technology platform to help solve these challenges using its Orchestration Solution for massive scale enterprises.

Brandon Mangold, Enterprise Network Architect, United Airlines.

Service providers and large enterprises face a key challenge of service orchestration for their multi-vendor networks. In order to solve this, the industry has to come together and create platforms and open frameworks that can address these problems with the right solutions. In my 15+ years of experience in the industry, we are now moving from silo architectures into open and flexible platforms and architectures. I am very pleased to see that Fortinet and Anuta Networks have collaborated to provide such a platform for KPN to evaluate. We look forward to similar collaborative activities with vendors in the future.

Clements Radenborg, Program Manager for same day delivery, KPN Networks

There are many things coming together right now, including OTA contracting vehicles, advanced network/performance sensors, predictive algorithms, machine learning and continuous development/release/operations DevOps frameworks, that can leverage robust orchestration engines to deliver cost effective and secure solutions for the federal sector. In addition, automation and orchestration were two of the top areas of interest expressed by the government at the recent NetMod 2017 and AFCEA/GMU C4I Symposium industry events. We look forward to leveraging the Anuta Global Channel Partner Program in addressing this important customer need.

Miguel Collado, CEO and CTO, Technica Corp.

Anuta Networks and FjordIT are bringing innovative Network Services offerings to the Nordic Markets. At Fujitsu Norway, our key focus in bringing new technologies that can help customers achieve more efficiency and reliability in managing their networks. We are looking forward to our collaborative approach and partnership in bringing this key technology to our enterprise customers.

Tor Arne Rømma, Sr. Network Architect, Fujitsu Norway.

Integrated NFV/SDN-based technology is the new paradigm that enables telecommunications service providers to be agile and innovative to stay competitive amidst the increasingly complex industry landscape. Logicalis will leverage our experience and expertise in solutions integration in this strategic partnership with HPE and Anuta Networks. We will deliver a robust solution, built upon a tried-and-tested network service delivery platform, and which can continuously evolve to support our telecommunications customers’ exponentially growing and ever-changing business needs.

James Tay, Logicalis’ Chief Executive Officer for Asia.

By collaborating with Anuta Networks, we’re able to utilize its unique technology of network service orchestration to set us far apart in the software defined data center marketplace. We look forward to jointly delivering innovative virtualization solutions to our global enterprise customers.

Shoichi Morita, President and CEO, Networld Corporation, Japan.

Hitachi is at the forefront of deploying next generation Networks for its enterprise customers. In order to manage such networks and be able to seamlessly deliver services, Hitachi believes in adoption of new technologies. Anuta Networks has brought on-board a practical solution to solve today’s problems.

Kansuke Kuroyanagi, General Manager for Network Services Division, Hitachi Systems.

ETSI NFV is going to be widely adopted by service providers for the ability to virtualize network functions that can be scaled and deployed dynamically. Anuta’s NCX provides the necessary components of virtualization and orchestration for large scale networks.

Haruhiko Nishida, Senior Manager (Global Products Business HQ), NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (100% Subsidiary of NTT Corporation)

We are excited to add Anuta Networks to our solution portfolio. Anuta brings key software technology to deliver network services on multi-vendor networks. O2 Networks has the depth and breadth of technical and product expertise in delivering complex network services for large enterprises, services providers and public sector organizations in the ANZ region.

Euan Prentice, Managing Director, O2 Networks

SDN and NFV offer great opportunities to deliver business agility. We look forward to helping enterprises through this technology transition and we found a key partner in Anuta Networks. The NCX platform complements our extensive network services portfolio.

Steve Gunner, CEO at Abacus Technical Services, LLC.

Our highest priority is satisfied customers. Our customers can be rest assured that they will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry while mitigating risks associated with deployment. Anuta NCX brings unique value to our client base and we look forward to deploying them throughout United Kingdom.

Andy de Clerck, Technical Director and Co-Founder at Geode Networks.

We’ve seen significant uptake in our data center business practice. Anuta NCX solution is a great fit for our large enterprise customers as they embark upon the journey to orchestrate their multi-vendor network infrastructure. Together, we look forward to accelerate the SDN deployments in Italy.

Giulio Covassi, CEO at Kiratech.

At Silicom, we strive to deliver exceptional value to our customers and hence we are very selective about the products we offer. Today, we are excited to partner with Anuta Networks to bring its award winning NCX Network Orchestration Solution to Enterprise and Service Provider customers in France. Anuta’s NCX has been proven in world-wide deployments to reduce service delivery for traditional and next generation multi-vendor network infrastructure.

Christian Bataille, President and Founder, Silicom.

Network Service Delivery is a key criterion for Service Provider’s success. Anuta NCX solution with its YANG based model driven orchestration offers the balance between network automation and customization that is needed for large scale multi-vendor network infrastructure. We look forward to empowering our mutual customers in EMEA to deliver the SDN benefits including agility, self-service and operational savings.

Gerold Arheilger, CTO at Xantaro Deutschland GMBH.

As a leader of sustainable data power services, Fjord IT is very selective about the technology partners we work with to deliver innovative, high-performing solutions for our global enterprise customers.This strategic collaboration with Anuta Networks enables us to utilize its NCX Enterprise platform to securely and rapidly deliver industry-leading network services, and with faster business value for our enterprise customers.

Helge Gallefoss, CEO and Founder, Fjord IT.

I’ve been in the networking industry for about 20 years. In that time, I’ve spent a majority of my time helping enterprise customers implement L4-7 services including QoS, WAN acceleration, firewall, load balancing, and monitoring in support of business applications. The diverse background gave me an appreciation for the immense challenge customers have to direct application traffic through the proper chain of network services while trying to synchronize the appropriate policies in the service nodes. Virtualization and mobility make it even harder to provision, operate, and deprovision applications that require network services. I was very pleased to learn that this long term problem is being addressed by Anuta Networks taking a multivendor network centric approach.

Jim French, Distinguished System Engineer, Cisco

The partnership between F5 and Anuta Networks enables enterprises and service providers to improve their network agility and application provisioning workflows. F5’s BIG-IP® application services can be provisioned on demand by Anuta NCX, making it faster and easier for administrators to apply Application Delivery Networking services to their applications. The joint solution is particularly useful in helping organizations deliver their applications dynamically from private or public clouds, and can be combined with VMware technologies for additional orchestration capabilities.

Phil de la Motte, Director of Business Development, F5 Networks

For over a decade, Fortinet has empowered global enterprise customers to embrace new technologies and business opportunities securely. SDN, NFV, and other developing orchestration technologies are the key enabling technologies for leveraging the cloud while protecting mission critical network systems. Fortinet is excited by the opportunities ahead with Anuta Networks to help worldwide enterprises create highly-secure next-generation network services that can transform their businesses in the cloud and maximize their competitive advantages.

Ryan Potter, Director of Strategic Alliances, Fortinet.

As the global telecommunications industry moves to the next stage of evolution, the coexistence of physical and virtual infrastructure can hinder service agility and slow time-to-market. Our PoC with Logicalis and Anuta Networks will address the industry need for end-to-end service orchestration and accelerate the delivery of services across hybrid, physical and virtual networks on a proven open orchestration platform.

Thomas Sennhauser, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Group, Asia Pacific and Japan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

With the introduction of EnX framework, Anuta is addressing a growing industry need where large enterprise customers and cloud service providers are not limited to specific hardware solutions, nor do they need to change their existing hardware infrastructure.

Ethan Banks, industry network architect, and host/writer, Packet Pushers.