Closed-Loop Automation

Automation helps finish a known task faster, for example, a blender that chops vegetables. Orchestration, on the other hand, ensures that the entire workflow is adopted as per known recipe. Closed Loop Automation is akin to tasting the dish and adjusting the recipe until you reach the perfect flavor and aroma.

By closing the loop, you ensure the system works as intended. This concept is also known as Intent Based Networking (IBN) or Intent-Driven Networking (IDN).

To achieve Closed Loop Automation in Networking, the automation software must go through several phases:

  • Data Collection
  • Persistence
  • Correlation Engine
  • Assurance or Remediation Engine

Anuta ATOM gives you the flexibility to define each step of this process with an easy to use interface.

What is Closed Loop Automation with Anuta Networks ATOM

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