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Branch Automation

Today’s branch networks are changing. The earlier focus was more on the datacenter as the bulk of the application workloads were hosted in the datacenter. Therefore, all the internal and external traffic was thus dispatched to the centralized data center. As a result, all the main networking gear including security devices were serving the DCs

Fast forward to the present, due to bandwidth limitations on WAN links and emerging SaaS applications, branch networks have undergone significant changes. Physical and virtual devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, WAN optimization and most recently SD-WAN is installed to manage and optimize the data traffic.

As architectural models and business requirements change, IT organizations need to respond to those challenges.

Network Automation

Challenges in Branch networks/Remote offices

Lack of networking skills

Lack of networking skills at remote branch offices resulting in truck rolls

Configuration management

Configuration management of multi-vendor and multi-platform networks

Maintaining end to end

Maintaining end to end security of network and applications

Lack of unified

Lack of unified user experience across legacy and modern infrastructure

Lack of unified analytics

Lack of unified analytics and event correlation across infrastructure

Remote software

Remote software & patch upgrades often resulting in outages

Ensuring high availability

Ensuring high availability and uptime to meet customer SLAs

Management hassles

Management hassles due to the scale & distributed nature of the network

What can you achieve with Anuta ATOM

PnP & Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

ATOM offers Plug-n-Play & multi-vendor ZTP to onboard the network devices. ATOM checks for the software compliance, upgrade the devices if needed and pushes Day-0 configurations thus reducing truck rolls and OpEx
Mastering every vendor CLI in the network is a tedious task. ATOM standardizes network configurations and relieves you of the hassles of learning vendor CLIs by bringing an abstraction layer through service and device YANG models

Unified policies for legacy and modern infrastructure

Use ATOM as your single-source-of-truth to define unified policies across the network including multi-vendor firewalls to ensure end-to-end security and automation across legacy and modern infrastructure including Multi-vendor SD-WAN
Get deep insights into the network through ATOM’s network monitoring & analytics. Add alerting, event-correlation & closed-loop automation to take it a notch higher to offer automated service assurance

One-click software upgrades for multi-vendor infrastructure

Use ATOM’s out-of-box software upgrade workflows to ensure smooth upgrades with relevant pre & post-checks. ATOM handles error scenarios at each stage of the workflow and also includes rollback options as part of the offering.

Horizontally scalable network automation platform

Scale to the breadth of any network size with ATOM’s microservices-based horizontally scalable architecture. Each component within ATOM including the database can scale automatically or on-demand based on the requirements

Tata Communications case study

Read more to know how Anuta ATOM enhanced TCL’s IZO SDWAN deployment using Monitoring and Closed Loop Automation

Ergon case study

Read more to know how Anuta ATOM automated L2/L3 VPN services for a large clean energy company
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