Automating Network Security

Automating Network Security: The ATOM Confidence!

Holistic, compact and vulnerability-proof – this is what network security turns into when networks get automated with smart solutions.

A holistic view can change the game for network security automation, as we saw here. Having a comprehensive and overarching approach to this area takes it way beyond mere firewall automation. This brilliant and strategic approach brings into its fold all kinds of network devices, including ticketing/billing/ITSM solutions like ServiceNow and Jira.

As we noted in the blog, there are three primary aspects of any security strategy

  1. Prevent
  2. Detect
  3. Eradicate

Let us now see how the Anuta ATOM platform aligns like a square peg in a square hole. It leaves no corners and holes as it is rigorously and meticulously designed to help you in each of these stages.


Easily define complex policies with low-code designer

Complex security policies are inevitable for organizations that are working hard to prevent any data breach. Defining and creating such policies is never easy or a one-step affair.

Having the support of a platform like ATOM immensely helps these organizations. It equips them with an intuitive low-code graphical user interface to define any complex policies with the utmost ease and speed. The low-code designer brings a handy capability to interact with network devices using CLI, API, Yang/NetConf, or any other language the device understands. To add to that, the framework’s open APIs helps in smooth integration with other network elements and enables them to execute workflows and models directly.

Enforce configuration consistency and compliance 24x7

ATOM enforces organizational policy decisions in effortless and swift ways. E.g., if you have a network security policy which states that all passwords should have a minimum of 8 characters. Or if a specific port is vulnerable and is advised to be blocked in all firewalls. These cases can find huge help from a platform like ATOM. This agile and versatile platform can continuously monitor the entire network and in case of any violation in policy, alerts, and notifies the administrator. It can also auto-remediate the issue with pre-defined solutions.

That’s not all. ATOM monitors the configurations of all devices. So if any change is made to the device beyond ATOM’s radar, even that would be detected and would be addressed with quick alerts and notifications.

ATOM continuously monitors all devices in the network and validates the OS versions. If any device contains an older version of the software, ATOM will alert. It can even automatically remediate the scenario. Its intelligence and agility work like a powerful and relentless mix against all kinds of threats and slip-ups of the network.


The effectiveness of any security automation solution boils down to the speed at which threats get detected. Speed is of immense essence when it comes to network threats. Organizations, especially the large ones, have a vast multi-vendor and a multi-domain network. Monitoring these diverse devices at scale is quite a challenge. And yet, this daunting task cannot be left unattended or in sloppy hands because even a tiny oversight can cost a lot of damage.

ATOM comes with support for more than 150 types of devices across 45+ vendors. The platform can collect data from a variety of formats- whether they are modern sources such as Model-driven telemetry or traditional ones like SNMP, SNMP Trap, and Syslog.

Not just that. ATOM’s microservice-based and a highly scalable platform can easily stretch to any level to collect data and monitor thousands of network devices. This unique capability enables ATOM to become a ‘single source of truth’ and a ‘single pane of glass’ for the entire network.

ATOM can collect and store data at a microsecond-level of granularity, enabling it to rapidly detect any network changes and providing that much-needed edge for comprehensive network security automation.

The platform continually monitors the network and compares the current network state with the defined or expected network state. Any violation can, without any delay, trigger a series of corrective actions.


ATOM platform provides multiple options to deal with the security threats that get spotted.

Zero-touch Remediation

ATOM lets you rest and takes the dirt under its nails. ATOM’s closed-loop automation capability remediates any known issues – automatically and thoroughly. Using ATOM, organizations can define a baseline behavior of their networks. ATOM will continuously monitor the network and devices for any violation of the baseline behavior.

Administrators can also define remediation or corrective actions to be taken in case of any violation. When ATOM detects a change in the baseline behavior, it will automatically initiate a fix task. Thus, any security breach that gets discovered can be eradicated automatically using ATOM’s closed-loop automation feature.

Alert, Notifications, and Reports

Though ATOM has a powerful auto-remediation feature, not all admins may be willing to take the back-seat. Some organizations will prefer being alerted and notified on any issue so that the administrators can take control of the corrective actions. This, understandably, may be imperative for critical issues. ATOM caters to these ‘keep me in the loop’ needs too – With the same alacrity and confidence.

It provides a comprehensive alert and notification framework. ATOM can even group similar alerts and shave away any clutter that burdens or surrounds notifications. This way, it guards the precious time and bandwidth that admins are always short on.

Administrators spend a lot of time sifting through logs and searching for the issue that needs attention. Alert-routing and prioritization in ATOM enables faster detection and resolution of problems. The ‘Alerts and Notification’ feature of ATOM can be used in conjunction with the auto-remediation feature. Using this feature, ATOM platform seeks an admin’s approval before it takes any corrective action.

So, you can surmise, ATOM is there, at the very millisecond it matters. It helps to guard and accelerate network goals but is never in the way. It does not replace or confuse admin teams but empowers them.

Just like a good soldier on one’s side, ATOM helps network teams to fight and win critical security battles. With an extensive ‘Prevent, Detect and Eradicate’ strategy, ATOM is truly revolutionizing the network security automation space.

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