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AVA Co-Pilot revolutionizes workflow development by automating health checks and minimizing manual scripting and coding. Network engineers can effortlessly define the parameters review and modify workflows, ensuring streamlined execution of critical health checks and notifications.

This feature empowers users to perform compliance checks on demand, utilizing Co-Pilot’s auto code generation capabilities. The workflow validates network configurations against predefined standards and updates the Service Now ticket with the result.

AVA Co-Pilot transforms active assurance testing by seamlessly integrating with ServiceNow, ensuring real-time results. Network architects can create automated workflows, enhancing performance monitoring and issue resolution with minimal manual intervention.

AVA Co-Pilot customizes the out-of-the-box OS upgrade workflow to match customer demands. Using natural language prompts, the network architect can instruct the AVA Co-pilot to add a Slack notification step to the upgrade process.

AVA Doc Assistant facilitates seamless integration with Active Directory, providing a user-friendly pathway. Users express their intent in natural language, which the assistant interprets and offers optimal recommendations for efficient integration.

The Doc Assistant simplifies SNMP trap creation by interpreting natural language queries and offering clear instructions. Users can easily follow the provided guidance to create and configure SNMP traps.

The Operator Assistant streamlines OS upgrade workflows, automating the initiation and user input processes. Users express their intent in natural language, and the assistant automatically selects and executes the relevant workflow, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

AVA Operator Assistant introduces natural language scheduling, automating tasks without manual intervention. Users express their intent to schedule a workflow, and the system automatically creates and executes the schedule, ensuring optimal timing and consistency.

Guided Troubleshooting simplifies the complex task of diagnosing agent-server communication issues. It leverages an extensive knowledge base to offer step-by-step guidance, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource allocation during issue resolution.

Guided Troubleshooting assists in identifying and resolving network compliance failures by automating the troubleshooting process. It efficiently processes user intent, extracts details, and provides a guided workflow for effective compliance issue resolution.