Application Delivery Automation with Anuta NCX and Infoblox IPAM

Application Delivery Automation requires configuring many networking elements such as Firewalls, Load Balancers (ADC), Routers and Switches. All these devices require IP Address Management (IPAM), VLAN Management, DNS and DHCP services to ensure segmentation, managed expansion and standardized procedures to ensure security and availability.

Many enterprises manage their IP addresses and VLANs using excel spreadsheets or internal scripts that are often unwieldy. Luckily, there are dedicated IPAM products from vendors such as Infoblox.

Using Infoblox IPAM, Network administrators can write policies to create IP address pools, dedicate IP address blocks to applications and tenants, introduce authorization rules as well as automate the reallocation of IP pools.

While there are many solutions to automate the load balancers and firewalls, network administrators still have to manually configure policies in the Infoblox IPAM.

Anuta NCX has out of the box integration with Infoblox IPAM.

  • NCX uses Infoblox as external IPAM and external DNS server
  • NCX invokes Infoblox APIs to reserve IP addresses, update Host records and A records in DNS
  • NCX supports customized tags to ensure multi-tenancy
  • NCX supports both physical and virtual editions of Infoblox IPAM

Anuta NCX allows network operators to submit all the application parameters including firewall rules, VIP addresses and IPAM from single consolidated UI.

The NCX solution reduces time to delivery, avoids human errors and introduces consistency in network operations.

For more details, check out Anuta NCX Product page or contact us for a demo. 

– Kiran Sirupa, June 15th, 2016.

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