Accelerate your automation
journey with Anuta ATOM

Monitoring & Closed-Loop Automation for Multi-Vendor Networks

What is new?

Event Enrichment
Enhance NetOps efficiency and troubleshoot faster with ATOM’s Event Enrichment. 

Multi-Vendor support

Automate and Monitor your multi-vendor network with 
one single integrated solution

45+ vendors,
100+ platforms

Anuta ATOM supports all major vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Arista, F5 and many more. Look up our vendor support page to learn more

Quick addition
of new vendors

Didn’t find the network vendor you are looking for? Anuta ATOM’s super extensible framework enables a quick turnaround time of 2-6 weeks for vendor addition

Support for
ecosystem vendors

IPAM, ITSM tools, or public cloud integrations – ATOM supports it all. ATOM supports tight integration to ecosystem vendors to enhance your network automation

Automate MOPs,
Integrate with IT ecosystem,
Holistic monitoring, meet SLAs

Intuitive drag-n-drop UI

Forget staring at mundane documentation of MOPs. Use ATOM’s Low code workflow designer to create more visual and for impactful execution of MOPs

Highly customizable

Automate your stateful services & stateless tasks – enhance them by adding pre & post validations to bring 100% accuracy to network automation

Out-of-box workflows

Check & Reuse workflows that other industry-leading enterprises and service providers are using today through out-of-box workflows that ATOM offers

Automate repetitive tasks

Have unique use cases to automate? Use ATOM’s low code UI and service modeling capabilities to create, customize, and maintain use cases of your choice

Disparate source aggregation

ATOM supports SNMP, streaming telemetry, SNMP traps & syslog to ensure that network information flowing from multiple sources is never missed

Event correlation & alert routing

Leverage ATOM’s event correlation & alert routing to catch any threshold breaches, and immediately notify stakeholders through Email, Slack, or other collaboration tools

In-depth insights

ATOM correlates data across multiple sources and dissects the information to provide the most granular visibility to the overall network down to the device level in real-time.


Visualize meaningful data through ATOM’s intuitive & customizable dashboards, model-driven user interface, and geospatial topological views. Historical & real-time reporting of performance, inventory, operational, and compliance data is only a few clicks away.

Intutive policy builder

Build the golden configuration for your network with a wizard-like framework! Define multi-vendor policies, combine multiple policies into profiles to define network-wide standards

Quickly identify non compliance

Run on-demand & scheduled multi-vendor compliance checks to understand your configuration consistency. Use ATOM to run compliance checks against a group of devices or a region

In-depth reporting

ATOM offers in-depth reporting for a unified view of network compliance status against defined policies. Analyze device level compliance & non-compliance views to take quick actions

Auto-remediation ensure 100% compliance

Ensure network compliance with ATOM’s remediation capabilities. ATOM offers accurate configurations for non-compliant policies pushed on-demand or scheduled to keep your network 100% compliant