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ATOM has an inbuilt Generative AI called ATOM Virtual Assistant(AVA), which spans 4 different categories- Copilot, Doc Assistant, Operator Assistant, and Troubleshooting

Copilot is a component of AVA that takes natural language as intent and provides an initial blueprint for the intended workflow automation and the underlying code required to achieve the goal. It can also be used to update an existing workflow and add/remove any activity to/from the existing workflow.

Doc Assistant assists with understanding operations and steps required to perform a certain operation in ATOM.

Operator Assistant is another component of ATOM AVA that assists an operator in executing operations using natural language, such as executing a device OS upgrade and monitoring its state.

AVA has a troubleshooting component that aids in root cause analysis by tapping into a knowledge base of network issues and interactive impact analysis.

AVA mostly uses OpenAI’s gpt-3.5, gpt-3.5 turbo, gpt-4, gpt-4-turbo

AVA does not process or take any customer data out of ATOM and is not trained on any customer-specific data. It doesn’t send any customer data to any 3rd party APIs as well. In rare cases we need to send some partial data to 3rd party APIs, they just include user queries, workflow names, RPC names. etc. No device configuration, network topology details, or credentials are taken out of ATOM.