Transportation and Branch Network Orchestration Webinar

Join us LIVE for a 30 minutes webinar “Delivering Agile Network Services with Anuta NCX” hosted by Anuta Networks team.

When: 29th January from 8am - 8:30am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Presenter: Kiran Sirupa, Sr. Product Line Manager, Anuta Networks

Who Should Attend: Executives or administrators managing complex network operations in branch and transportation sector will find this webinar relevant, but anyone interested in “network orchestration” technologies is invited to attend.

How Will You Benefit: IT network leaders are making targeted investments in branch networks to deliver agile network services. They are doing these to create fast, secure and high-capacity connections over distance while reducing dependency on costly MPLS links.

Research shows organisations are considering a multi-vendor network orchestration platform because it:

1) Improves customer experience by managing bandwidth more effectively
2) Reduces OPEX by utilizing economical, regular Internet broadband
3) Accelerates performance of business critical applications at the branch office

In this webinar, you will learn, why and how leading enterprises are taking benefit by using an orchestration solution. You will also learn about branch network-specific use cases and out of the box features like:

- Multi-vendor L2-L7 Service Chaining
- Modular and Scalable Branch Design
- Day-0 provisioning
- Branch- in- a box deployment
- Network Monitoring and Performance Optimization
- Device RMA
- Push application policies to hundreds of remote branches
- Network Service Troubleshooting
- Remote Branch Automation using Physical and Virtual CPE

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