Network Service Virtualization

Network service virtualization delivers tremendous benefits such as multi-tenancy, security, tenant autonomy and better asset utilization. However, implementation is very challenging in cloud scale deployments that experience sudden, large, and unforeseen surges in demand. Traditional static script-driven network provisioning simply does not scale when the tenants require network services within minutes.

Recently, many vendors introduced their network services in a virtual appliance form-factor – Virtual Routers, Virtual Switches, Virtual Firewalls and Virtual Application Delivery Controllers. These virtual services and appliances can be started and stopped based on demand. And, with technologies such as vMotion, the network services can easily move along with the servers.

While there are many benefits, On-demand commissioning, managing, monitoring, and decommissioning of these virtual services and appliances creates a significant new dimension of complexity to the overall infrastructure management. Just as compute virtualization introduced new management challenges such as “Virtual Machine Sprawl” so will the virtualization of the network services and appliances.

Anuta nCloudX was purpose-built to manage this scale and unending combination of physical and virtual resources providing complete and unified life cycle management of both physical and virtual network resources and services. We offer support for leading virtualization technologies with out of the box features such as image management, pre-configured service elements, commissioning, repurposing, and decommissioning. Learn More