Network Service Monetization

Enterprises of various sizes require both public and private clouds. Private clouds provide the advantages of customizations which are invaluable to an enterprise. Public clouds offer the advantages of economies of scale and ability to use as required without putting up the entire capex. Enterprise IT administrators and Service Providers offer cloud services using various pricing models with three components – Compute, Storage and Network.


These three components are being commoditized at an extremely rapid rate. This pace of commoditization is driven by reducing operational expenses, increasing monetization of the existing infrastructure. Cloud providers can benefit by offering differentiated services which can help increase revenue, monetize the infrastructure and provide unique value to their customers.

nCloudX enables cloud providers to create a catalog offering of every individual layer of the network. Cloud providers can also now stitch multiple layers of the network into a bundle catalog offering as well. This type of catalog offering allows cloud providers to monetize these layers and generate network service catalogs that can be easily ordered, configured and adopted by end customers.

Anuta nCloudX offers a comprehensive dashboard that helps cloud providers track the effectiveness of each service catalog entry. The administrator can track which tenants have ordered which network service catalog and for how long. This analytical information can be extremely useful in further optimizing the service catalog. Changes to the service catalog can be quickly performed by using the Anuta nCloudX Service Designer module. This can help reduce time to introduce new services for end customers from weeks to minutes. Learn More