Network Service Lifecycle Management

Cloud offers significant benefits – Reduced Capex, Reduced Risk, Faster Time to Market, Flexibility and Optimal Resource Utilization. However, the lack of automation and visibility in the cloud network presents significant barriers to cloud adoption.

For instance, when a tenant requests a new service, the server virtualization automation technologies enable fast and accurate deployment at the server layer. However, imagine the network configuration required to on-board this tenant. The network administrator has to consider various sets of network configuration policies to deploy depending on the customer and required SLAs. The policy definition encompasses various parameters such as security, quality, provisioning and customer-specific policies. This already complex process is further aggravated by the lack of tools and automation for orchestrating an end to end workflow. This can result in manual errors and significant downtime. Apart from provisioning services, mapping availability, health, performance, utilization and capacity into the logically deployed services is also a critical component for any cloud network deployment.

Anuta nCloudX delivers an innovative cloud network life cycle solution which automates and simplifies the design, deployment and assurance of network services in the cloud.


Anuta’s nCloudX simplifies multi-tenant network service deployment and reduces delivery time from weeks to a few hours. nCloudX delivers efficient software automation on top of existing physical networks and new generation SDN technologies.

Enterprise and Service Provider customers developing private and public infrastructures can now deliver a better cloud with faster time-to-market, simplified operations and improved productivity.

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