Enterprise Campus Solutions

Mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) have introduced enormous demands on enterprise campus networks. Most users have multiple devices and use them for both work and personal use.

The campus network admin has to enforce consistent access policies and provide QOS (Quality of Service) in a highly dynamic environment, resulting in significant OPEX (Operating Expenses).

That is where Anuta Networks NCX comes in.

Enterprise Campus Solutions

Campus Challenges:

  • Too many change requests from departments resulting in OPEX increase or deteriorating customer satisfaction.

  • Supporting network policy changes across multi-vendor devices became exponentially challenging.

  • As many departments and Line of Business (LOB) share the same infrastructure, the solution has to ensure segmentation, Role-Based Access Control and Security.

  • Troubleshooting network issues becomes increasingly complex due to multi-tenancy and advanced technologies.

NCX Solution:

  • Introduces Self-Service and avoids network admin intervention for simple change requests.

  • Supports multi vendor devices and ensures customers don't have to learn the implementation details of each vendor device.

  • Has been developed with Multi-tenancy as the core principle. NCX provides comprehensive Role Based Access Control, Auditing and Approval workflows.

  • Provides per-tenant or per-application logical and physical topology diagrams that simplify troubleshooting effort.

Case Study:

UBC is one of the top 20 public universities in the world and their IT team supports networking needs for 60,000 students and 10,000 faculty members in 200+ departments across 300+ buildings.

Anuta NCX solution reduced the network team’s involvement down to less than 20 hours a month on change requests. The UBC network engineering team is able to deliver the next generation network services to its customers within minutes through a self-served portal. Read more

Anuta Networks NCX

NCX is an industry leading software solution designed to deliver complete network service orchestration for medium to large enterprise campus, branch, retail, and data center networks by leveraging both physical and virtual devices across multi-vendor network infrastructure. Click to learn more