Anuta Networks nCloudX

Anuta Networks nCloudX simplifies and automates the complete lifecycle of network services in complex, heterogeneous networks across multi-vendor and multi-device in service provider deployments.

Network Service Design

Our easy to use Service Designer allows administrators to drag-and-drop network functions onto a design surface to simplify the creation of complex network configurations, spanning various devices from multiple vendors, in minutes. The services are then published to cloud portals for tenant consumption.

Network Service Orchestration

When a tenant selects a catalog entry, nCloudX orchestrates the service design across multiple layers of the data center network. The solution supports multi vendor physical, virtual and hybrid deployments. The entire tenant on-boarding process is automated and the virtual network is delivered within minutes. It's that simple.

Cloud Portal Integration

nCloudX integrates with industry standard self-service portals such as OpenStack, CloudStack and vCAC. In addition, customers can integrate with their existing self-service portals utilizing the comprehensive REST APIs. Also, nCloudX includes a self-service portal that can offer network service catalogs.

Resource and Capacity Management

nCloudX discovers the existing network devices and builds the topology automatically. Further, nCloudX maintains the inventory of physical and virtual network resources. This real-time status information is utilized to compute the capacity and availability for each service offering. In addition, nCloudX generates threshold based alerts to proactively inform the impacted tenants.