NCX Network Service Orchestrator

Network Service Orchestration

Current Challenges

Painlessly Orchestrate Your Entire Network, Even If You Have Thousands of Devices and Dozens of Vendors


So, network service delivery becomes one gigantic nightmare

That wastes your time and increases your costs. Unnecessary mistakes happen. Projects and service delivery time get delayed. Make a big mistake, and you could lose your job.You put out the fires, just hoping to keep up with all the new problems.

You need a vendor-neutral solution you can customize to support all your equipment. One that gives you infinite extensibility. That way, you don’t have to pray to your network orchestration vendor for more features.

NCX Network Service Orchestrator

Exclusive Features You Get with the Extensible NCX Platform

Our NCX Network Service Orchestrator platform uses “abstraction.” That simply means it maps IETF standard YANG service models to each device vendor’s API or CLI so you can easily orchestrate devices from 35+ leading vendors. You don’t need to learn another API or CLI, or hire yet another employee or vendor.

The NCX platform lets you develop a custom device, service, and operational models with YANG. You can easily accommodate future growth and network changes. The REST API allows you to easily integrate with existing third-party systems. NCX regularly scans all your devices, sending alarms when discrepancies between the configuration and state in NCX arise.

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Network Service Orchestration