How NCX Works


Describe the services to offer on your infrastructure

Product Managers and Network Architects can use built-in service models (starter kits) to describe various network services such as L2 VPN, L3 VPN, IWAN, App Delivery etc. NCX also provides service model framework using which you can augment these starter kits with SLAs.

Extensible and Flexible


Customize Service Models for your Business

DevOps teams can take the starter kits, introduce business logic or workflow and integrate with 3rd party software in their infrastructure. NCX also provides a normalized network model. The developers don’t need to know the syntax of individual vendor devices. NCX simplifies the task for DevOps team so they can develop common code base that works for multiple vendor deployments. NCX provides development toolkit and code generators to automate the majority of this task. DevOps can customize deployment for various vendors and use-cases, introduce versioning, release management to infrastructure using YANG models.

Rapid Policy Driven Service Delivery, Open APIs and Abstraction


Operational support as part of a CI/CD environment

By treating infrastructure as code, DevOps teams can configure large scale infrastructure, easily manage policy revisions and integrate with 3rd party software.

Pluggable, Productivity and Development tools


Service and Device discovery at Scale

NCX has smarts to discover infrastructure as well as services in a brownfield infrastructure. NCX scales horizontally and introduces self-service through GUI or comprehensive REST API and integrates with ticketing systems.

When someone orders a service, the whole service chaining happens automatically. NCX uses service models and device models to auto generate commands and executes workflow. NCX Introduces self-service and on-demand provisioning to the network infra and avoids inconsistencies & human errors.

Brownfield Support, Horizontally Scalable and Multi-Tenancy


Validate policy against infrastructure

NCX constantly monitors the infrastructure through audit and reconciliation for SLA assurance and maximizes infrastructure utilization.

Audit and Reconciliation

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