Enterprise Private Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Private Cloud has quickly become the most prominent solution for secure, easy computing resource for enterprises. It preserves the advantages of Public Cloud such as self-service, reduced costs and flexibility while providing security, control, customization and scale.

The only issue is that enterprise IT now has the difficult task of managing all the compute, storage and network resources. The hardest to manage of course is the Network.

That is where Anuta Networks NCX comes in.

Enterprise Private Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Challenges:

  • Lack of self-service for network infrastructure.

  • Need to ensure maximum resource utilization.

  • Manual intervention prevents dynamic scaling of resources.

  • Manual operations resulting in errors and SLA violations.

  • Lack of integration with metering and billing systems to build metrics and analytics.

NCX Solution:

  • Delivers self-service catalogs for network via integration with cloud portals such as vCAC, OpenStack and CloudStack.

  • Optimizes resource utilization through capacity templates, intelligent service placement and proactive alerts for capacity bottlenecks.

  • Introduces on-demand network service orchestration and avoids manual intervention of the cloud admin.

  • Follows industry best practices across multi-vendor network infrastructure and eliminates provisioning errors.

  • Offers comprehensive REST API to integrate with existing OSS and BSS.