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Rapidly Design, Automate and Orchestrate Complex Network Services for Physical and Virtual Network Devices
Technica Corp validates Anuta NCX for Network Orchestration of L2 VPN

Technica Corp is impressed with Anuta NCX Network Service Orchestration across multiple vendors at scale using YANG based extensible platform approach.

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Model Driven Service Assurance using NFV Orchestrator

Network Service Orchestrator such as Anuta NCX has promising architecture and features for Service Assurance in NFV.

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Top 6 Challenges for Service Assurance in NFV

In the current form, Service Assurance in NFV is extremely manual and OPEX intensive. With the physical infrastructure, industry has well-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and robust mechanisms ...

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Chef, Puppet & Ansible Network Automation

Chef, Puppet and Ansible are great for run-book automation for simple and repetitive tasks. But complex network infrastructure requires orchestration.

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Deploy Cisco IWAN within 10 minutes using NCX Network Service Orchestration

Configuring Cisco IWAN is very complex. Because of the complexity, Network administrators require months to on-board new branches. Existing automation solutions use scripts and tools that are rigid, d...

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Supercharge your SDN controllers with the best Network Service Orchestrator

SDN/SD-WAN controllers introduce programmability, self-service and agility to a portion of the network infrastructure. A Network Service Orchestrator complements the SDN controllers and helps deliver ...

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Intel Network Builders Summit: Key Lessons from an advanced multi-vendor NFV Trial

A leading Tier-1 Operator in APAC was evaluating new technologies to deliver enhanced managed network services for its Enterprise customers. With the growth in the demand for these services driven by ...

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Podcast: Intent Driven Network Service Orchestration with Anuta NCX 5.0

Anuta Networks is announcing NCX 5.0 release using YANG model driven architecture to deliver vendor-neutral, extensible and scalable platform that accelerates:
ANY network service (be it segmentation...

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Fortune Global 50 Financial Institution Accelerates Application Delivery with Anuta NCX

A Fortune Global-50 Financial Institution(FG-50 Fintech) which operates a large number of banks and insurance businesses around the globe aims to enhance its private cloud services to its group of sub...

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NCX 5.0 Demo – Application Delivery Automation with Citrix NetScaler VPX and Juniper SRX

NCX helps to automate policies across multi-vendor infrastructure so that you can deploy enterprise applications faster and reduce overall operating expenses.

Today, we will show you a demonstratio...

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