Anuta NCX Powers Pioneering Cloud Interconnect Technology

In a globally connected world, can firms really deliver world-class service without intensive service delivery management?

Communications giant and Cloud Data Center Interconnect (CDCI) technology pioneer Telstra relied on solutions provided by Anuta Networks to overcome daunting challenges and offer revolutionary, world-class service. Powered by Anuta NCX, the Telstra Cloud Gateway is an enterprise-level portal that provides connectivity to multiple cloud-based platforms.

Blazing a Trail Comes with Challenges

The challenges Telstra faced trying to implement this new technology had no clear, easy solutions.

  • Complex and inundating provisioning requests even from the pilot phase of the project

  • The synchronization of numerous moving parts to ensure reliable customer connectivity and access

  • Striking a balance between automation, accuracy, and flexibility in a rapidly innovating environment

  • These challenges added up to a need for a robust platform that orchestrated expedited service provisioning through automation, but could still accept frequent enhancements quickly and without interrupting customer connectivity. All of these challenges are framed within the context of the need for horizontal scalability to thousands of enterprise-level customers within a short matter of time and a need to curb costs.

    Anuta Offers Comprehensive and Effective Solutions

    The Anuta NCX solution provides sustainable enhancements that met and exceeded customer specifications. Powered by a YANG-based model, Anuta NCX became the driver that enabled the growth and success of the Telstra pioneer program.

  • Accelerated time to market through faster on-boarding

  • A powerful and extensible platform to support multi-vendor devices with unlimited scalability for customers of any size

  • Multi-tenancy and RBAC (Role Base Access Control), automated self-service existing network discovery, and full integration with multiple self-service portals

  • All of these solutions met or exceeded compliance regulations and conformed to industry standard best practices.

    Anuta NCX is Cutting Edge

    The sophisticated aspects NCX differentiate it from other services. Rather than relying on piecemeal construction with a variety of different services, the NCX service management system provides the following features and more, all with one point of contact.

  • Supports the largest range of vendor devices

  • YANG model driven, extensible and scalable

  • Integrated Service Fulfillment testing

  • KPI driven Service Assurance and Resource Management capabilities

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