Network Automation

Network Automation helps NetOps teams to automate their day-to-day mundane and time-consuming repetitive operations. Network automation is the process of automating the configuration, management, operation & testing of physical and virtual devices within a network. What it culminates is a network that is highly predictable and highly available improving the business outcomes

Why is Network Automation important?

With growing costs and the daily emergence of bandwidth-hungry applications, networks cannot be managed manually. Multiple touchpoints, remote operations result in delays affecting critical business initiatives. Increased levels of network automation help to reduce complexity and are essential for businesses to keep up in the digital world. Yet up to 95% of network configurations are done manually and NetOps spends more than 65% of their time in troubleshooting and fixing issues.

Challenges in traditional networks keeps growing as more than 95% of the network changes are done manually

Why Anuta ATOM for Network Automation?

Anuta ATOM offers a unified and highly scalable platform that can handle multiple aspects of the network. From inventory management, configuration management, compliance management, network monitoring to closed-loop automation, ATOM weaves a framework that can support a multitude of use cases including

Network provisioning & deployment

Service orchestration & MOP automation

Compliance Policy definition, regular audits & remediation

Network OS management (patches, upgrades, etc.)

Network state verification and analysis

Performance analysis with automated remediation

How Anuta ATOM helps?

Network Automation is at the core of Anuta’s ATOM platform. The product ATOM was developed considering the various pain points that service providers and enterprises across the world are facing today. ATOM offers network provisioning of services in two different flavors

Extensible platform

Legacy or modern devices, Anuta ATOM supports it all. Whether the devices support NETCONF or work on raw CLIs, ATOM brings standardization into the process by using both native and common YANG models.

Multi-Vendor support

With comprehensive support of more than 45+ vendors including network and ecosystem vendors, Anuta ATOM is uniquely placed to address all network automation requirements to simplify complexity and optimize the way you handle your network

Leverage network analytics for automation

Our belief, that network automation is not complete unless network monitoring becomes part of the solution has triggered ATOM to handle complex use cases and deliver what we call closed-loop automation.

Configuration & Compliance

ATOM enforces compliance around-the-clock by automatically detecting violations and taking corrective actions. The platform regularly archives and preserves configuration on devices

Tata Communications case study

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Ergon case study

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