Private Cloud Orchestration at Fortune 50 Financial Institution

A Fortune Global-50 Financial Institution Accelerates Application Delivery With Anuta NCX Network Service Orchestration.

Did you know…?

A fortune global-50 (FG-50) financial institution which operates a large number of banks and insurance business around the globe aims to enhance its private cloud services to its group of subsidiaries through an innovative solution that can automate the provisioning of applications as means to improve time-to-market for its range of services.

Current Application Delivery Challenges…?

With the current proliferation of cloud infrastructure, FG-50 fintech was facing enormous challenges including:

  • Managing multiple vendor devices that is proving costly
  • The manual process often results in mis-configurations and security violations
  • Lack of visibility of application status across the data center

FG-50 aims to reduce its operating expenditure (OPEX) by shifting away from legacy process and replace the ticketing system deployed to affect policy updates.

How Anuta NCX simplifies service delivery and management…?

Anuta NCX addresses the needs of any company with any size that is looking to enhance its application delivery capabilities for delivering comprehensive network policy automation that supports L2-L7 services.

Anuta team has demonstrated multiple use-cases to satisfy customer requirements for private cloud infrastructure.

  • Brownfield Network and Service Discovery
  • Self-Service for On-demand L2-L7 network provisioning
  • Automated Firewall and Load-Balancer policies
  • Reconciliation and Compliance
  • Service Monitoring and SLA Management
  • Multi-Tenancy and Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Reasons FG-50 choose Anuta NCX to other leading solutions in the market:

Anuta’s Network service orchestration solution, NCX was selected by FG-50 for its breadth of vendor coverage, compatibility with the environment and flexible platform backed by world-class system integration support.

  • Supports the largest range of vendor devices such as Cisco, Juniper, Infoblox, Checkpoint, Citrix, F5, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, HP, Bluecat, Infoblox, Radware and VMware
  • Integrated Service Fulfillment testing with results
  • Resource Management and Service Assurance capabilities
  • In-built applications such as IPAM and network component such as DNS server

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