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What is Network Analytics

Network Analytics provides network operators and administrators with a deeper understanding of their networks. A typical network, today – enterprise, data center, telecom or cloud – is quite diverse. It comprises of various devices from multiple vendors – a load balancer from F5, a firewall from Checkpoint, routers, and switches from Cisco and Juniper. Pinpointing and addressing any issue in such a network without relevant statistics and analytical information is tedious and error-prone.

Network analytics allows an operator to collect valuable and continuous data, analyze trends and predict future behavior. True network analytics needs to start by being completely vendor-agnostic. It should be able to collect data across disparate devices, store the relevant time-series data and correlate that data in real time.

Why do you need it?

Network Analytics gives a deep insight into the IT network and helps the administrators to make smart and informed business decisions.

It can be particularly useful in preventing, detecting and responding to security threats. The complexity of IT networks has ushered in a wide range of cybersecurity attacks. Yahoo recently admitted to a data breach of around 3 billion users. Traditional security measures are no longer enough to prevent such threats. Network Analytics solutions play a key role in detecting any anomalies in the network while also predicting and alerting the administrator so that one can swiftly prevent, or respond to, security breaches.

Telecom and Datacenter network administrators are leveraging network analytics to optimize their infrastructure environments. Administrators are more equipped – with deep understanding and meaningful insights – to plan capacity and dimensions of their complex networks.

Network Analytics can aid and transform many industry verticals. It can play a crucial role in increasing network efficiency and reducing operational expenditure. It has found a wide range of use-cases in security, capacity planning and optimization, service assurance, and many more areas.

Benefits You Can Start Counting From The Word Go

Network Analytics Anuta ATOM

1. Optimize your network performance

For a network administrator it is important to constantly get a pulse of the network. Network Analytics provides a quick and accurate snapshot of the entire network. Any device, network, operational or performance issues can be easily brought to the administrator's attention.

2. Predict potential service-disruptions

Networks are, increasingly, getting complicated and even a small issue could potentially stir up significant loss in revenue and reputation. Predicting and preventing disruptions even before they occur are, hence, essential caution areas. Network Analytics can also leverage latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and pattern matching to alert administrators on possible disasters.

Network Analytics
Network Compliance Anuta ATOM

3. Enforce 24x7 compliance and assurance

Network Analytics provides meaningful and deep insights for continuous monitoring and management of compliance and assurance policies. Compliance to HIPAA, PCI, SOX and organizational policies not only prevents unwarranted threats but also ensures sanity of the network.

4. Improve network reliability and guarantee network performance

Network analytics also helps in ensuring that the network performs in alignment to service level agreements (SLAs). Network analytics constantly monitors the network and stores voluminous data in the database. This data can be used to compare expected baseline behaviour of the network with the current network state.

Data Center Analytics Anuta ATOM

4 Awesome Advantages of Network Analytics in Anuta ATOM

Single pane-of-glass for entire network

ATOM is built on a horizontally-scalable microservice-based architecture. One instance can manage thousands of devices.

Event-correlation & Alert-grouping

ATOM corrals related alerts and correlates any issues in the network to the device and service-configuration level and takes appropriate remediation action.

Availability & Performance Monitoring

ATOM can define availability & latency-thresholds to ensure device-reachability. It provides in-depth key-performance indicators for performance monitoring

Multi-Vendor Infrastructure

ATOM has developed support for 45+ vendors and 150+ platforms for unparalleled and real-time support. It collects information from a variety of data sources to deliver a truly unified management experience.

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