Fortune 150 Mining Company

One of the largest copper and gold mining companies in US has operations across numerous global sites. Each site is spread across several smaller, local sites connected to the head quarters or the data center using MPLS Layer 3 VPNs. And, some of the larger sites have data centers on-premise.


The mining company network administrators follow manual process to on-board new sites, increase capacity at existing sites as well as troubleshoot frequent device failures and RMA. The team handles hundreds of change requests per day and each network failure at the site directly impacts core business.

To support the rapid growth in their business, the networking team is looking at automation and orchestration solutions to enforce unified network access policy across all the sites while ensuring segmentation and clear separation of administrator and operator privileges. The solution must satisfy the stringent compliance, availability as well as auditing requirements for the mining industry.

Anuta ATOM Solution:

Anuta ATOM automates new site provisioning and network device provisioning for the multi-vendor infrastructure within minutes. ATOM orchestrates various daily tasks from simple day-zero setup of routers, switches, firewalls etc. to advanced tasks such as segmentation to create voice, data and guest access at each site. Further, ATOM manages the data center networks and generates the policy to connect remote sites with the HQ/DC using technologies such as DMVPN and MPLS L3 VPN etc. Administrators can use the ATOM self-service portal to define and enforce access policies for the remote site connectivity to the corporate apps hosted in the data center.

Using the Anuta ATOM, networking team no longer have to manually cut and paste configurations on devices. ATOM documents the service and operational data for all networks as per the compliance and auditing requirements. The local site administrators receive delegated privileges to manage their portion of the network. And, ATOM allows for offline preparation for new devices thus reducing the MTTR.

The harsh environment in remote sites creates unique challenges for the networking team in mining companies. By working with one of the largest mining companies in the US, Anuta ATOM demonstrated the power of network service orchestration and SDN to support the growing business needs.