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  1. What does NCX stand for?

    eXtensible Network Controller

  2. Why Anuta NCX?

    Anuta NCX is the only Network Orchestrator that offers:

    • True Multi-Vendor Support (more than 35 vendors)
    • Cross-Domain Orchestration: Data Center, Branch, WAN, Campus, MPLS Core, DCI, Hybrid Cloud
    • Brownfield Service Discovery
    • Extensibility with Industry standard YANG models
    • Distributed, Micro-services based architecture that scales to 50,000 devices
  3. Is NCX a software only solution?

    Yes, NCX is delivered as Virtual Appliance (OVA or ISO format). It can be installed on your favorite hypervisor or on a stand-alone server. With NCX 5.0, you can also install in a container.

  4. Does NCX support SaaS solution ?

    Anuta does not provide a SaaS based solution at this time. Anuta offers Software solution only to SP, Enterprise and MSP customers. Anuta’s customer in-turn can deploy the Software in their cloud offerings and provide a SaaS solution to their customers. Example: An MSP offering managed service offering to their customers can deploy Anuta NCX solution and offer a Self-serve network service catalog for the managed services.

  5. If I already have an SDN controller, do I still need an Orchestrator such as NCX?

    Yes, please see here.

  6. Does Anuta Networks offer a vCPE solution?

    Anuta NCX orchestrates and integrates third-party VNFs so that Service Providers can package a vCPE solution and offer to their customers. See Virtual CPE for more information.

  7. Where can I download the NCX trial software?

    As of May 2017, there is no option to download online. Please Contact Us with your specific details and we will follow-up quickly.

  8. How do I know if my specific platform is supported?

    Please check out Supported Devices.

  9. Currently, my platform is not in your Supported list? How long does it take to add new models?

    Anuta NCX ships with YANG models for 100+ platforms from 35+ vendors. For minor revisions (say going from ASA 9.0 to ASA 9.1), customers and partners can update the YANG models themselves within hours. If there is a major change (from ASA 8.2 to ASA 8.3), Anuta team can add the YANG models within couple of days. For a completely new type of device (e.g. Packet Shaper), it may take two weeks to add the YANG models. See YANG Models page.

  10. Why did Anuta Networks chose YANG modeling for Orchestration?

    YANG is an IETF Standard. There are more than 200 models published on Git Hub and Open Config. YANG allows customers and partners to easily export, customize, import new data models to the NCX platform thus enabling a community of YANG developers.

  11. I have many traditional devices such as Cisco Catalyst Switches that don't support YANG. Can NCX orchestrate them?

    Yes, Anuta NCX has built-in device models for many traditional/legacy platforms that support CLI and SNMP. Unlike other orchestrators, NCX doesn’t require customers to upgrade to a specific software or hardware version. NCX works with your current infrastructure.

  12. Does NCX require an agent to be installed on the device?

    No, NCX doesn’t require an agent on each network device. NCX communicates with the device over the management plane using CLI, SNMP, XML, NETCONF, RESTAPI etc.

  13. What is an NCX agent? when do I need it?

    For larger deployments (> 1000 devices), NCX supports a distributed server-agent architecture. Each Agent can handle 1000 devices and hence the solution can scale horizontally with your infrastructure. For a small deployment or during the POC, the same NCX virtual appliance can act as a server and an agent.