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Release Notes – 11.9.0

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ATOM Release Notes 11.9.0


Below are the micro service components to be upgraded

  • Infra-distributed-db,broker,zookeeper,schema-repo,burrow,infra-elasticsearch,elasticsear ch-config,es-curator,infra-logstash,infra-kibana,infra-logforwardar,infra-tsdb and ATOM Components.

Infra & UI Features/Enhancements

  • Sound for Major/Critical Alerts

  • Device Tagging Support

  • Closed-Loop-Action for Device Config Change events

  • Personalization Views/Settings

  • Device Tree enhancements

    • Add/Edit/Delete devices in tree view

    • Run all the inventories by selecting a Device Group/Device Id in the tree view.

  • Device Group enhancements

  • Device reports

  • Resource path column is added in the snmp trap-oids tab.

  • Added New Resource-column in alerts page

  • Config restore

  • Snmp trap forwarding

  • Resource pools UI is removed and placed under Devices View.

  • All-Devices Grid View is moved to a tree view & Grid view can be seen with the Manage option.

Below tabs/sub-tabs will be shown under device tree view

  • Credentials Tab-> Credential Set/Profile/Maps

  • Discovery Tab ->Discovery, Discovered Devices

  • Network Tab ->Connections, Topology, Locations, Location Types, Groups

  • Inventory Reports ->Interfaces,Chassis,License,Software e.Compliance Tab → Config, Software, Vulnerability

f. Configuration Tab->Config Archive,Change log,Config Data

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