Anuta ATOM

Anuta ATOM Release Notes – 11.8

Table of Contents

ATOM Release Notes 11.8.0


Below micro service components need upgrade:

  • Infra-tsdb, infra-logstash and ATOM Components.

Infra & UI Features/Enhancements

  • Sound for Major/Critical Alerts

  • Device Tagging Support

  • Closed-Loop-Action for Device Config Change events

  • Resource path column is added in the snmp trap-oids tab.

  • Added New Resource-column in alerts page

  • Device Tree enhancements

  • Device Group enhancements

  • Config restore

  • SNMP Trap forwarding

  • Exports support in Alerts

  • The Resource pool’s UI is removed and placed under Devices View.

  • Added “External configuration” option in compliance profile level to execute compliance against configuration file.

  • Added “Run Compliance on Config-Change” option in compliance profile level.

  • Compliance Dashboard enhancements

  • Compliance Report enhancements

  • “Generated fix commands” option added in compliance “Launch Test Config” level.

  • Added support to view the “Action” details in compliance “Launch Test Config” level.

  • Added View status and corresponding log options in Compliance Remediation level.

  • Added Toggle view support for all the blocks in “Launch Test Config” level.