Cisco Live London 2013

Anuta’s promise to deliver SDN for Today’s networks resonated strongly with the audience. They loved the nCloudX Service Designer that allows administrators to draw complex network topologies. We demonstrated how the nCloudX instantly deploys services on physical and virtual network resources from multiple vendors. We also demonstrated how the nCloudX Resource Manager enables cloud administrators to optimize their network infrastructure.

Many of them left with a sense of wonder and returned with their supervisors and business partners to watch the product demo. We received tons of leads and use-cases to enhance the product. It’s going to be a huge challenge for the marketing team to sort through them.

We heard a lot of great comments on the show floor. One system integrator from France told us that nCloudX is a dream product that he has been searching for. A large telecom provider from the UK said that it is very important to them that we are solving the cloud challenge with existing technology. Also, an industry analyst complimented us for taking a holistic approach towards network virtualization and delivering SDN differently from other vendors in this area.

Many other companies had demos and product launches.

Cisco’s big announcement was the introduction of the Catalyst 3850 Switch that unifies wired and wireless access. We were excited to learn how it will reduce management burden. Cisco also had cool demos from Meraki, ONE Controller and Cloupia.

Citrix gave us a look at their impressive CloudStack a cloud portal. We believe that Anuta nCloudX’s network service virtualization solution can greatly enhance CloudStack.

Our booth neighbor in London was NetBrain. They showed their intuitive and powerful Map-driven Network Automation solution. It was really impressive.

Imperva demoed a web application firewall that integrates with vPath. This is great news for the Nexus 1000v ecosystem.

Intel had some great looking coffee.

When heading home, we had a great time chatting with all the Cisco employees on our flight. The captain of our United flight even thanked Cisco for being a valuable partner.

We would like to thank Cisco for hosting such a great event and all of you folks who had a chance to stop by our booth. You kept us really busy with your questions and we enjoyed them.

We will be at VMware Partner Exchange in Vegas from February 25-28. We hope to see you there!

– Kiran Sirupa, February 15th, 2013.

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